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Food News for December 2020

Recycled Packaging

Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant-Based

Food Transportation

Avoid Botulism

Food Book Archive

Most Recalls from Mislabelling due to Allergens

Water Futures

No Inspection - No Food

FAO releases two reports on Food and Agriculture

The Impact of Food System Concentration

FDA Releases New Outbreak Investigation Table

Recalls and Outbreaks

News from Food Industry Employment Program

Concerns for Consumers

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day

Food Safety and Thanksgiving

Food Safety at Farmers Markets

Flaxseed shows some cool science

Fresh Express Received a Warning Letter from FDA


Voluntarily declaring sesame as an allergen

National Food Strategy for USA

How to cook a hard boiled egg to easily remove the shell

Wildfires and Food Safety

HARM Part 4: Hurdle Technology

FDA’s Food Traceability Proposed Rule

Sustainable Diets


Remember remember the 5th of November

HARM Part 3: Reduced Moisture

Report on Lead in Drinking Water

Trends in Food Sustainability

Acids and Bases

Two Outbreaks from Unknown Food Causes

Who is Affected by COVID-19 in Manufacturing Facilities?

October's Food News

Former CEO of Blue Bell Ice Creamery Charged

Food Sustainability Factors

Acidity and pH

Consumers are Concerned about Food Safety and Security

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Safety

Remote Audits

Food Sustainability

World Food Day

Salmonella from Juice Bar

QA and QC


Food Safety and Equity

Food is Joy

COVID-19 & Food Safety

What is Food Quality? 

Clostridium botulinum in Drinks

FDA Announces Food Traceability Proposed Rule

Food Science Friday

Is Dark Chocolate Dairy-free

Defining Food Safety

Consumers Do Not Know How to Prepare Frozen Food

Sugar Taxes to Improve Dietary Choices

Friday Food Science

September's Tea and Scone Food News

Close Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations!!

Food From Unsafe Sources

Climate Change and Food Safety

Tea and Scone Food News

Water Activity

What is Food Safety Culture?

Personnel Hygiene and Health

Wildfires and Food Supply

UMass is Offering Food Safety Training on Wednesday!!

Shelf Life of Food

Wash Your Damn Hands

Contaminated Utensils and Equipment

Update on Salmonella & Onion Recall

Happy Labor Day

Food Allergies

Will Leafy Greens Be Safe Now?

Cooking or Processing at Improper Temperature

Stop Eating Pesticides

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Food Industry Employment Program

Food Science Facts on a Friday

Checking the Current Status of Food Recalls

CDC Food Safety Factor 1

Food Crumbs

Food Crumbs

Food News for August 2020

Salmonella in bagged peaches

A Mexican state bans the sale of junk food and sweetened beverages to children

Monthly newsletter

Top five food safety risk factors

Hand Sanitizer Recall

Canal Water?

FDA Gluten-Free Label Ruling

Recall of select oranges, lemons and other products

This Country Lacks Leadership

Food for Thought: My thoughts about food! Food safety, food science, food systems.

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