What is Food Crumbs?

I write at the intersection of food science and food systems with an emphasis on food safety, food justice and resilience. I am concerned that climate disasters and changing weather patterns are affecting our ability to eat healthy nutritious food.

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Who am I?

I am a food scientist who is deeply concerned about food system change. A strong food system is safe, resilient, sustainable, equitable and healthy. No one should lack access to healthy food.

I am a food safety consultant with Food Safety Mid Atlantic, which I started in 2018 as Food Industry Employment Program. I have training and expertise to work across the food supply chain including farmers and small and midsized food entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

I support clients in building a strong food safety program and to scale up their businesses while allowing them to maintain integrity with their values of creating minimally processed foods.

You can find out more about my services on my website: Food Safety Mid Atlantic.

If you are in need of my food safety consultancy service, you can book a call here.

Additionally, I am writing a book, Food Science and Food Systems: A Call for Change. The main goal of this book is to bridge the gap between food scientists and food systems change makers.

Originally from Birmingham England, I moved to the US in 1995 and became a US citizen in 2008. I live in the very south of NJ and enjoy walking in nature, knitting, spindle spinning and music when not thinking about food.

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Cathy’s mission is use her food science knowledge to create and build a safe, resilient, sustainable, equitable, and healthy food system.