I love the way you explain things Cathy and I learned a lot from your email today. Thanks for being there to present us with facts and examples of what you are writing about. Also, I enjoyed you being honest about your life and sharing your personal thoughts about food. Keep up the great work!

C. Hedges LWS group since 2020

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I always enjoy your columns, Kathy. A decade or so ago a friend of mine followed a diet according to blood type. My intelligent witty husband said he’s going to write a book about diet according to hat size. Only his hat size will be able to eat everything! I didn’t like the blood type diet suggestions for my type, which eliminated olives for heaven’s sake.

When my daughter was an infant we got a food processor, made her baby food. A few years later it was revealed that some commercial baby foods lacked labeled ingredients. Beech nut apple juice for babies was flavored sugar water. I was both appalled and relieved I hadn’t fallen for commercial baby foods.

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